These are all the boffins who have helped with the site. Either by giving information, or pictures and stuff.

Steve White (Foxy Stoat)

Steve created the site and is the technical director. He looks like a fat, spotty version of the mute assassin James Bond kicks off a cliff in "For Your Eyes Only". He claims to have shagged all the birds in Rugby which isn't something I'd boast about considering it's full of trannys but there you go.

Ponce Womanly (Liquid Goblin)

Ponce is joint owner of the site with Steve as he toured with the Lads and can spell words like "colonic irrigation". He lives in Milan, Italy because "the crack's much fitter and they don't stink".  

Rob Wagner (Nazi Bastard)
Rob's helped Stoat ever since Steve's Macc Lads Homepage and has scanned pics and given us sounds. He lives in Dachau, eats big sausages, jumps the queue and has a German Macc Lads site.
Simon Cardwell (Dudley Smith)
Simon gave us discographies for various EPs and videos. Apart from looking like the farmer in "Babe", he went to some gigs and what he claims to remember is on the site.
Rachel Barlow (Connie Lingers)
Rachel is our own Miss Macclesfield and has helped out during a break from blow jobs, cooking and washing up. She has real big tits and a lovely slappable arse, which are yours to do what you wish with for the price of a Martini.
Richard Clements (Twat in Shades)
Richard sent us some pictures from the Dirty, CD , Chips and Gravy compilation. He was a fan, yet didn't go to any gigs as he was too scared of the violence. He's probably a poof then.
Brad Shepherd ('s Pie)
Brad did the tribute LP and interviewed Mr Methane. He's not a real shepherd although he enjoys the company of sheep and attends University in Aberystwyth to keep his sex life going.
Adrian Graham (Burger 'n' Chips)
Adrian is fat, eats pies and farts about the place. He sent us Eddo lyrics and scans and lives in Newcastle. Well, I s'pose someone's got to.
Nigel Nattrass (Natty)
Nigel sent us a CD-ROM of the Lads' songs and videos, a copy of "4 Bleats to the Baa" and a scan of the cover. He's one of the old crew and claims he we
nt to one of the gigs recorded for "Live at Leeds"




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