More information on The Macc Lads can be sought from:
Slimy Git, 137 Park Lane, Macclesfield, SK11 6UB UK

The Harry May Record Company put out piss-poor compilations of Macc Lads material, contact them at:
The Harry May Record Company Ltd
PO Box 184, Ashford, Kent TN24 OZS UK


SNAPPER MUSIC have re-released most of the back catalogue and also recently released a double CD entitled " The Lads From Macc" containing "Live At Leeds" and "The Beer Necessities".
Pay SNAPPER MUSIC a visit here.

A poof called Simon Cardwell has a club on Yahoo! about The Macc Lads, for you turds to discuss Macc things.
You can find the club here:-

Another Bloody Fan Site

Bears Head -e-mail us!
Gorra site to do with the Lads? Know a place which sells Macc Lads stuff? Send us the URL and we'll link it if it's good enough, otherwise we won't give you cheese.