Macc. English Dictionary


1995 GERMANY Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf
1995 USA (banned)
1994 CAP IT ALL London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff
1994 AMIR FOR THE BEER Derby, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain
1994 PURVEYORS OF FILTH Leicester, Oldham, Retford, Wolverh'pton
1994 ALEHOUSE ROCK Poole, Doncaster, Glasgow, Northampton
1991 10 YEARS LAFTER Cambridge, Bristol, Nottingham, Blackburn
1991 ONE HORSE TOWN Dublin, Reading, Buckley, Pontefract
1990 BOG N ROLL CIRCUS Stoke, Newcastle, Hull, Birmingham
1990 SPRING OFFENSIVE Whitehaven, Exeter, Cheltenham, Worthing
1989 ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVY Bradford, Preston, Swansea, Middlesbro'
1989 FUNNY SHAPED Torquay, Ripon, Milton Keynes, Widnes
1988 MADE IN MACC Scarboro', B'head, Llanharan, St Andrews
1988 HADRIAN'S WALL RESTORATION Aberdeen, Dundee, Falkirk, Glasgow
1988 NO SHEEP 'TIL BUXTON Sunderland, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds
1988 GRAVY TRAIN Northampton, Luton, Watford, London
1988 PIETASTER Carlisle, Telford, Wrexham, Coventry
1988 FUCKIN' 'ELL ITS COLD Stockport, Edinburgh, Portsmouth, Oxford
1987 GET OFF YOUR ARSE Fulham, Bolton, Morecambe, Wigan
1987 FUCKIN' 'ELL ITS 'OT Brighton, Blackpool, Wakefield, Rotherham
1987 MARCH FOR YOBS Manchester, Burnley, Wellington, Salisbury
1986 GARY GLITTER (support) London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds
1986 EH UP! Warrington, Bath, Wilmslow, Rochdale
1986 BEAT THE BANS Burton, Leicester, Bedford, Camden
1986 BEER & SEX Liverpool, Huddersfield, Blackburn, London
1985 THIRD WORLD TOUR Bury, Halifax, Ashton, Macclesfield
1985 FIRST WORLD TOUR Antwerp, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lille

N.B.- Each tour on the above table only mentions four disgusting places where the
Lads have peddled their filth. There were around 500 concerts altogether:-


Most frequented venues:-
Gallery, Manchester, 1983-7
Greyhound, Fulham; 1985-8
Mardi Gras, Nottingham; 1985-8
Porterhouse, Retford; 1986-95
International II, Manchester; 1988-91
General Wolfe, Coventry; 1987-89
Princess Charlotte, Leicester; 1986-95
Counties Never Visited:-
Suffolk, Cornwall, Isle of Wight
Why Concerts Were Banned
or Failed to Happen
Local Council objections (103)
Police/Licensing warnings to venue (99)
No reason given (91)
Venue owners/managers with cold feet (22)
Protests from clergymen (21)
Local resident committee petitions (17)
Insurance company veto (15)
Minority rights group petitions (9)
Immigration veto/ visa refusal (9)
Git discovers concert to be charity benefit (5)
Venue ceased trading (4)
Pseudonym revealed (3)
Band member in hospital (2)
Local promoter received death threats (2)
Death of local promoter (1)
Band member in prison (1)
Local promoter put wrong date on posters & publicity (1)
Venue owner changed name of venue, but didn't tell anyone (1)
Venue flooded (1)
Power cut (1)
Police raid unlicensed premises (1)
Lads discover concert to be Nazi rally (1)
Lads discover concert to be in aid of hunt saboteurs (1)

Mussolini would never let the Beater into the dressing room without his Khyber Pass