Macc. English Dictionary


MACC LADS # 1 Dec 1981- Sep 1985

Muttley McLad The Beater Stez Styx
(bass) (guitar) (drums)
One LP: Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy, 33 gigs. (Stez on Remand)

MACC LADS #2 Sep 85 - July 86

Muttley McLad The Beater Cheeky Monkey
(bass) (guitar) (drums)
11 gigs. (Cheeky Monkey kept disappearing - 2 concerts had CT Hord playing drums)

MACC LADS #3 July 86 - Sep 86

Muttley McLad Knobby Chorley the Hord
(bass) (guitar) (drums)
One single:Eh Up!, 7 gigs. (The Beater returns after suspension for suspect behavoir)

MACC LADS #4 Sep 86- Jan 89

Muttley McLad The Beater Chorley the Hord
(bass) (guitar) (drums)
Two LPs: Bitter, Fit Crack; Live at Leeds; One single: Pietaster; 229 gigs
(The Beater leaves for arranged marriage)

MACC LADS #5 Jan 89 - Jan 90

Muttley McLad Phil McCavity Chorley the Hord
(bass) (guitar) (drums)
One LP: From Beer to Eternity; 57 gigs. (Stez is out. Chorley goes into hiding)

MACC LADS #6 Jan 90 - Jun 90

Muttley McLad Phil McCavity Stez Styx
(bass) (guitar) (drums)
34 gigs. (McCavity retires with meths poisoning, Stez kidnaps the Beater)

MACC LADS #1 June 90 - Dec 91

Muttley McLad The Beater Stez Styx
(bass) (guitar) (drums)
One LP: The Beer Necessities; 94 gigs (Beater retires due to cultural differences)

MACC LADS #7 Dec 91

Muttley McLad Al O'Peesha Stez Styx
(bass) (guitar) (drums)
2 gigs (Stez back inside)
(Muttley did solo gigs in 1992, and Muttley & Al O'Peesha recorded one single: Turtle's Heads)

MACC LADS #8 Jan 93 - Dec 95

Muttley McLad Johnny Mard Winston Dread Al O'Peesha (sometimes)
(bass) (guitar) (drums) (guitar)
One LP: Alehouse Rock; 33 gigs.

Fourteen Years' Statistics:

First 'session'- recorded 'Boddies', Starforce Studios, Dec 1981
First gig: Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, Jan 1982
500th gig: Rock City, Nottingham, Dec 1995

6 LPs released:
Beer & Sex 1985;   Bitter,Fit Crack 1987;   Live at Leeds (the who?) 1988;
From Beer to Eternity 1989;  Beer Necessities 1990;   Alehouse Rock 1994