Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  G Bb F

"Just take a look over there. Is that one fit, with the long dark hair?"
"She's got to be a mucky tart, her mate looks like a madman's arse."
"Can I have the fit one?"
"Now don't be boring."
"My knob's cotdeath - its one foot long, and hard to get up in the morning!"

Thank fuck for ugly women, all the boilers, bags and trolls
Just so they could get a shag, they invented alcohol

She had a face a pig wouldn't lick, complexion like a bag of sick
Underneath her hanging gut, an alsatian with its windpipe cut
Real fish in her fishnets, and squashed in a paste,
Two eels (heels), two soles, and between her legs
A very smelly plaice (place)

1989 The Macc Lads

N.B.- It is a well known fact that girls travel in pairs of contrasting appearance.
i.e. A fit bird will always have a mate that lives under a stone;
     a very fit bird will have a chum from the circus.
     If you see a really hideously deformed car crash victim, wipe away that vomit
     and buy her pal a pint.