Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ   G D Em C

(Female Vocal)

He pulled up on a Yammy 750,
I got all wet, my buttocks started shifting
I gave him a wink, I said: "Buy us a drink?"
I got a double vodka and coke,
He said: "Come outside, we'll go for a ride."
I gave his leather trousers a stroke

Two stroke Eddie

I told him straight away I wanted porking
(Tell us about the size of his pole)
He only had an inch, and that was foreskin
(Sounds like he was hung like a vole)
The ugly twat finished in two seconds flat
He had a problem with his timing
The fat, spotty bum asked me if I'd come
He's not worth the crust off my gusset lining

Two-stroke Eddie

I couldn't give a toss about his size, dear
(You're a fucking lying slut)
Two-stroke Eddie didn't touch the sides, dear
(He didn't even have half a foot)
He just made a mess all over my dress,
I didn't even know he'd been in
Then he had the cheek to ask to see me next week
I wouldn't give him cheese off my quim

Two-stroke Eddie

1990 The Macc Lads