Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  A F#m E D

Yesterday when you was cryin'... the things I said need modifyin'
I said we would be together, wed from now til the twelfth of never
Then we scored and went to extra time

Now I'd do owt to get a ticket, I'd steal I'd cheat I'd lie I'd nick it
Sign a contract with the devil, stuff me penis in a brevil
Me only chance to get to Wemberley

Now we're in the final, now all things have changed,
I'd lick out urinals for a ticket for the game

I would disinter me granny, lick the feet of Pakistanis,
Drink a pint of sewage outflow, show me arse in Burton's window,
You can shag me wife if I'm at Wemberley

Now I'd sell my kidneys, heart and soul and spleen,
I'd boil a bag of puppies for a seat on row 18.

I'd do owt f't get a ticket, I'd steal I'd cheat, I'd lie I'd nick it,
Crawl half way to Dusseldorf and take the bread from starving orphans
Just to see the lads at Wemberley

I'd shag cousin Brenda, (and she's an amputee),
If anyone can lend her
A pass for Wemberley

1997 The Macc Lads