Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  B E F# A D G#m

Went up in the hills, we were on a binge, to look for some pubs and hunt some minge,
Didn't find any beer, we just found sheep, (so fucking many, it put the Bleater to sleep)
Sheep in the fields and under the trees, sheep in the houses and under your feet
Sheep on the pavement, sheep in the car, sheep in the pubs,
We all got barred (baahed)

Sheep, everywhere, the little woolly fuckers are all over the place
Sheep, everywhere, they're fighting for the one with the prettiest face

This is what locals get up to at night,
Trying to get anthrax and make sure the ewe's tight
Sunk to the nuts while they're rodding a ram,
Just as well hung for a sheep as a lamb
Sheep shit on their foreskins and all over their suits
Little black pellets in their wellington boots
Sheep shit on their trousers, all over their flies
Don't let the farmer pull the wool over your...

Sheep, everywhere, mutton daggers at the ready and a bowl of mint sauce
Sheep, everywhere, they're going to get a bleating from the mother in law

Bleat! Baa! Moo! etc

Sheep, everywhere, all the farmer's daughters have a sheepskin coat
Sheep, everywhere, they've got to wear a woolly if they want to pull a bloke.

1988 The Macc Lads