Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  D G A Bm Bb

One of my best mates came from Macc, we used to go out pulling crack
Now I know that was just a farce, he's got spunk dribbling out of his arse.
He's got scabs from snogging other men, we're never going to talk to him again.
He's gone all nesh, he's making us sick, we wouldn't give him cheese of us dicks.

Now he's a poof, we can't handle it
Now he's a poof, he does spermy shits
Now he's a poof, he leaves white stains wherever he sits

He's gone to pot, shaved his head, he's got some black bloke sleeping in his bed
AIDs and herpes? He's got them, the evidence is written all over his bottom.
Now he's a poof, he's got gonhorrea
Now he's a poof, he's a fucking queer,
Now he's a poof, he can't hold his fucking beer

He's never in the pub, he's no fun, sores and scabs all over his bum
We'll have to pin him down on the deck,
And pour some Boddies down his fucking neck.
Poof! He's an arse bandit
Poof! He doesn't like girl's tits
Poof! His willy is covered in shit

Poof! He's a fucking slob
Poof! He's got a shitty knob
Poof! He's got spunk all over his gob

Poof! He's a mincing gay. Poof! He's full of AIDs. Poof! He likes his buttocks splayed.
Poof! Tunnel tester, orifice officer, sausage jockey, pillow biter, uphill gardener, rear admiral,
Brown hatter, shirtlifter, anal adjuster, rectum rifler, turd burglar, arse bandit.

1982 The Macc Lads