Macc. English Dictionary


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"How you doing, pal? Mind if I bother you? Me bird's buggered off in a BMW.
The cunt had a suit on, old enough to be her dad, I'd like to kick his bollocks
To Bollington and back."

Don't be a plank, she wasn't worth a wank, we'll go up town, we'll go down the Crown
You can buy a round of
Newcy Brown. There's loads more pebbles on the beach
Newcy Brown. There's loads more cobbles on the street
Newcy Brown. But did the bitch have massive tits?

"She was the best looking woman in all of Macclesfield,
She wouldn't talk to my pork, and her cunt lips were sealed
She couldn't give a shit about me, but she could give a toss
She had the best pair of melons I've ever come across."

Don't be a fool, she wouldn't suck your tool,
Don't be a clown, we'll go down the Crown, you can buy a round of
Newcy Brown. There's loads more carrots in the sick
Newcy Brown. There's loads more hairs around me dick
Newcy Brown. If the bag don't bonk then you fuck them off.

Don't fucking whinge, she had a sweaty minge, we've all banged her clout,
You're missing nowt, buy another round of
Newcy Brown. There's loads more insects on the dog
Newcy Brown. There's loads more pubes around the bog
Newcy Brown. I'd rather shag a colostomy bag.

1990 The Macc Lads

N.B.- Newcastle Brown- A safe tipple when in unknown territory (or a Robinson's pub).

NNB- DO NOT make the same mistake Al O'Peesha made when on tour in Bumpkin Country.
           Not recognising any beers on sale, he ordered a crate of Newcy Brown...
           Sadly he returned with 36 bottles of Newquay Brown. Which is disgusting.