Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  A E B

When he finally got a snog, he left a spider in his gob, and she ran off with a squeal. He found a
dogshit in the street, she wondered where he'd put it, then she found it in her gusset, maggots in
her chicken tikka, he poured Blue Stratos down her knickers. She went to drop a log, there was clingfilm on the bog, and she didn't find it funny, coz her arse was wet and runny, but its just a little joke, and he offered her a smoke, then the fucking fag explodes, he runs laughing down the road.
Naughtiest boy in the world

He put your windows through, coz you'd beaten him at pool, fills your tea with senakot, you spend
a weekend on the bog, when you've pebble-dashed the bowl, you find he's nicked the toilet roll,
and you run out of the loo, with your arse covered in pooh, and you've got your trousers down, you
find he's brought the neighbours round, and your bottom's brown and bare, there's a rope across
the stairs, you go crashing down two floors, he runs laughing out the door.
Naughtiest boy in the world

Who pissed in your newcy brown?
Who let your tyres down?
Who put vomit in your custard?
Smeared the cat's arse with mustard?
Who put ratshit in your hat?
Who's a nasty little twat?

1990 The Macc Lads