Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ   A D E (mod)

The weekend is coming and its time for a bath
We're going to sup some Boddies and we'll have a good laugh
Leave the dog at home or it will want some drinks
(Down the Nag's, get some fags, pull a couple of slags)
Give the dog a bone and leave it chained to the sink
(Have a pint and a fight coz its Saturday night)

Pulled a dodgy boiler, it was worse than the wife
(Stand them on their heads, they all look alike)
Dragged it down to Silklands with a few of its mates
(You don't look in the mirror when you're poking the grate)

We all piled in the Viva with the vinyl roof
(And the dented bumpers from running down poofs)
Binding and puking in the backseat
(We're going down to Gordon's on Sunderland Street)

We'll have chips n gravy twice, pudding chips n peas and two fried rice
Burned baby on a bayonet and a sweet and sour pork
Half a dozen spare ribs and a Nagasaki sauce

©1985 The Macc Lads

N.B.- ‘Silklands’- A 1970’s nightclub adjoining the Moss Rose, where the clientele would
        dance the night away to the strains of The Rich Kids, The Dead End Kids and Our Kid.