Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ   A E D Bm

She's harder than nails, she's tougher than bricks,
Twenty two stones with muscles in her shit
And her skin's hard and leathery, breaths full of cheddary bits
Spreads wide her muddy knees, spreads venereal disease,
The lice and the warts and the boils and the fleas
And the crabs and the syphilis, scabs in her clitoris cheese
We call her Mary Queen of Pox-

There's a curious rash underneath her tache,
Germs with teeth hide inside her gash
There's no gettin over her, everytime you go for a slash
Each time you slash it burns, scratch at your rash and squirm
Round worm tapeworm inchworm bellyworm
She's dead keen to share with us all of her various germs
We call her Mary Queen of Pox-

Spores on her grubby lips, sores on her chubby hips
Love and hate on her stubby digits
New strain of bacteria in her interior bits
She's not very ladylike, looks like a transvestite
When she strikes she's cool she's calm and she's businesslike
You'll always find her sittin by the man on his twenty ninth pint

We call her Mary Queen of Pox- She's had more cocks inside her box with gonorrhoea
We call her Mary Queen of Pox- And she has knocked more helmets off than Boadicea
And she's more violent and drinks more beer

She's Mary, be wary of her hairy flaps
She's Mary, be wary of a momentary lapse
She's Mary, be wary, of the legendary clap

1998 The Macc Lads

NB: Boadicea- Queen of the Ancient Britons- she destroyed two Roman Legions and burned down London- because someone "looked at her funny". Too scared to go near Macc though.