Macc. English Dictionary


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There was an air of gloom down in the changing room, as another zipper breaks
She's been a size fourteen since she was fourteen but now she's twenty eight
These say eighteen, but they're a size sixteen, and they making her bum look fat
She huffs and puffs with the designer jeans, and the sweat runs down her back

Down in the cleavage where the hairs are sprouting
Collecting the seepage for the buttock sweat fountain
Don't go near her, you can't please her
Moaning Lisa and her buttock sweat geyser

She moans and she groans and her belly grows
And she whines all the time her love handles show
Pains in her veins coz they're varicose
See them pop, see them pop, see them pop.

Her tummy's fat with really runny fat, and she shovels in the chips
There's flesh exposed above the pantyhose when she reaches for the crisps
She got her buttocks wet with buttock sweat when she sat down in the chair
From beneath her skirt there was a cleavage squirt sent a fountain in the air...

1997 The Macc Lads