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ƒ  D A B E C#m

Packing up the PA at the end of the night,
Everybody's knackered and they're covered in shite
We've played to Southern poofters, Jocks and Druids
And showered each other with bodily fluids
Blood sweat and beer, fanny batter and piss
We're going to the services on the M6

Grease stop: bacon and eggs, sausage and beans and a pile of fried bread
Grease stop: who'll eat the most? Ben Nevis has pissed on Slippery's toast
Costs a fucking packet, but don't you knock it
Stez hid his beans in his inside pocket

I've got a pickled liver, I don't give a shit, more tar on my lungs than the A56,
Spots on my face from too many chips,
No woman would give me the crust off her clit
Blood sweat and beer, beer sweat and blood
Seventeen miles to Michael Wood

Grease stop: piles of fried bread, Muttley got hit by a low-flying egg
Grease stop: bring your own ale, black puddings are off, the bread buns are stale
Grease stop: pie on your head, beans down your teeshirt, soup down your leg
Grease stop: who'll eat the most? Slippery pissed on McCavity's toast
Blood sweat and beer, beer sweat and crap
Twenty more miles to Watford Gap.

1990 The Macc Lads

N.B.- Watford Gap (M1) & Michael Wood (M5) are motorway services frequented by the band at half past cunt in the morning on the way home.  Others recommended for high lard content and food-fighting facilities are:-
Birch (M62) Trowell (M1) Southwaite (M6) and the Great Grease Temple at Hilton Park (M6).

N.B.-Macclesfield English Dictionary (MED) definitions are as follows:-
         Southern Poofters: Those living to the South of Congleton
         Jocks: Those who dwell beyond Leeds
         Druids: Anyone who lives in (or near) Wales