Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  F G Bb D

Pubs are shutting and I'm making my list
Punters stagger in, they're all fucking pissed
The fucking drunk bastards can't take their beer
Free gravy tonight, I've got bad diarrhoea
Seafood special with extra crabs, two pancakes with VD scabs
See you tomorrow, we'll have cheap pie...
We have dog, and I think he's about to die

I cut toenails into prawn crackers, add black bits from around my knackers,
You call me "Chinky", "Little Yellow Geek"?
You'll be on the bog for a week
You want to know what's in my wok?
Public lice from around my cock
Egg foo yung and crispy noodles?
No, I haven't seen your poodle

You want to try my sweet and sour chicken?
I'll give you free bag to be sick in
Call me "Slanty" - very, very nasty
I fart on chips and piss on pasty
"Chinky cunt"? Ha! very very funny,
Jumbo sausage, chips and curry?
Gordon smiles and takes the money,
'Extra gravy? ±¥¬ ‡± (my arse is runny)
Ah So!'

1989 The Macc Lads