Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ D A G Em E

I know they eat snails, but they sell cheap ale, I drove on the ferry:
'Bonjour, froggies!'
Garlic stench from the filthy French, I've come all this way and
They don't sell Boddies

If you take a look in the history book, its Waterloo and chateau smashing,
Every chance, we used to nip to France, grab a club and go frogbashing.
Hairy arms and hairy legs, forget the rape, we'll just go looting,
Back to Dover in the old Landrover, ten frogs in the back,
It was a good day's shooting.

The dirty gets eat invertibrates, burn our sheep, they need a good thrashing,
You see, the fact is, we're out of practise, its been too long since we went frogbashing.

The tarts over there, they're covered in hair, its hard to know just where the gash is,
All French lasses have got moustaches and serve your beer in tiny glasses.

1993 The Macc Lads