Macc. English Dictionary


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Shut up and listen, I'm going to tell thee a story
About my trip down South with my box of England's Glory
I took some numbies and a Bodkan, to make me feel at home
I'm going down to London to dig up paving stones

Got to London, half past six, I wished I'd never come,
There's poofs down there drinking halves of lager
Without notes from their mums
No gravy at the chippy, and what's a saveloy?
Every pub was full of foreigners and bottom boys.

If I live to be forty, I'll never understand
Why they're open til eleven down there
To serve beer that's second hand
Dialing 0625 on the telephone, I said:
'Pull us a pint of bitter, Ray, tonight I'm coming home.'

We are all just simple lads, never asked for much,
Just twenty pints of a Friday night and a wife at home to fuck.

1984 The Macc Lads

N.B.- 'Numbies' - Players No6/ Embassy No1
          'Bodkan' - Large can containing 4 pints of Boddington's bitter
          'England's Glory' - Brand of matches only sold in the North (at the time)
          'Mother's note'- An ancient custom in Macclesfield that a note signed by a parent or guardian must be
                                       proferred before any male can be served with a half-pint.

N.B.- Prior to 1989, pubs in England closed at 10-30pm during the week. However, in London pubs shut at 11pm-
          as gay Southerners couldn't drink as fast as hard Northerners.