Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  Am G D C A F E

Took the crack to the flicks just the other night,
We were groating on the back row, everything was alright,
Then a smell like a fog turned my mind from sex, I said:
'Close your legs.'
She whispered something in my ear,
But all I wanted to do was go and drink some beer,
Then she did something I didn't understand,
She didn't watch the film, she tried to hold my hand ...

'Do you love me?'
'Oh, wife, give over.'

I was right confused over what she'd said,
So I sunk ten pints down the old Bear's Head,
Just as I was getting a taste for it, some crack walked in,
And she was fucking fit.
I shouted: 'Eh up! Love!' and turned on the charm,
I showed her my belly and tattoos on my arm:
'Don't go to Images, have chips instead,'
Two weeks later, this is what she said....

'Do you love me?'
'I fuck you don't I?'

©1982 The Macc Lads

N.B.- ĎImagesí - A Macc nightclub of the 1970ís, situated next to the Bearís Head. It is now a carpet shop.
N.B.- ĎBearís Headí - A popular public house situated on Mill Street.
           (So popular in fact, that it closed down in 1994. It is now a designer poofhouse).