Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  A G#m E B

We all went down the New Delhi, too much curry, aching bellies.
Beater got gut-rot and puked on the floor,
Stez Styx banging on the shithouse door.
'Come on lads, eat up your Bombay duck
We're going to find some girls to give us a decent
Alka Selzer.'

Dan said he knew of a party, we trolled up there belching and farting.
Stez nicked some cans of beer.
Dan shat himself he had diarrhoea, he said:
'Oh lads! Its no fun to dance.'
And he went upstairs to change his underpant.

He opened the window, wipes his arse,
Throws the offending bags on the grass.
He shouts: 'Everybody! Come and look at this! They're streaked with shit!
They're covered in skids! But don't look at me, they're not mine!'
But his loving mum had sewn his fucking name inside.

©1985 The Macc Lads

N.B.-'The New Delhi' -newly opened Indian restaurant. Caused the Great Bogroll Famine of '84.
         ‘Bombay Duck’- a type of fish served in this and similar establishments.
         (Probably chosen from the menu as it affords an excellent rhyme for ‘Alka Seltzer’)

N.B.- ‘Underpant’ is correct. It is unique and, therefore, singular in nature and grammatical appearance.