Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ D A G Em

Give us two pints in dirty glasses, (give us some change for the fag machine)
Get a move on and shift your asses, (get us all served or you lose your spleen)
Hurry up, twat, and pull us beers, (get us a drink 'fore we dehydrate)
Look, you blind bastard, we're over here, (think she's fucked off to masturbate)

Give me alcohol, Give me alcohol,
Don't want a pie or a cornish pasty,
Give us a pint or I'll turn nasty,
Give me alcohol

Pull us a pint, love its gone 10-30, (give us a drink 'fore we die of thirst)
Tart in leather looks dead dirty, (cunt off, bastard, I was first)
Been queuing up since half past seven, (we was underage when we come in here)
Get tapped up with bird in leather? (She fucked me off, so she must be queer)

Just want a bitter down me neck, serve us next, or I'll get vexed,
Give me alcohol

Don't give a turd, just give us a bevvy, (Boddies run out and the Marston's off)
Don't want a cocktail with a cherry, (give us the slops from the bitter trough)

We want fags by the packet, ale by the flaggon,
We're going to go home to do some shagging,
Give me alcohol

1990 The Macc Lads