Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  A D E C#m F#m

There was a load of smelly Arab twats in Bagh-fucking-dad,
With greasy hair and sweaty bums, they'd never heard of Boddington's
A different culture and a different race, - no chippies in the fucking place,
Give us back fat Terry Waite, or get a Dr Marten in the face
Eh Up!

They got our backs up without a doubt, time to sort those Arabs out,
Saddam Hussein lives in fear of real men who can hold their beer
Eh, Eh, Eh, The lads are on their way,
With bayonets and tommy guns and bellies full of Boddington's
Eh Up!

Sheep's eyeballs and camel crap is all they eat in I-fucking-raq,
But after a scrap with the English navy, they'll ask for the recipe for chips 'n' gravy

1990 The Macc Lads

N.B.- Dr Marten -Lived in Hamburg, and invented comfy boots for hooligans and chocolate drops for dogs.

N.B.- Terry Waite The Archbishop of Canterbury's Special Envoy, came from Macc and went on a peace mission
          to the Middle East in 1987. They said: "Don't go, Terry, you'll get kidnapped!"
          So he went anyway... and guess what?