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ƒ  Em C G F Bb

Dick Head was a prat, drove a Skoda with extra lamps on,
Always getting twatted, looked like a reusable tampon
Tries to chat the birds up, always ends up bleeding
Its tough when you come from Bollington, its all the interbreeding.
Sunglasses in the evening, umbrellas in his bitter:
'Excuse me, Mrs Woman, do you take it up the shitter?'
He gets force-fed a pint pot, a size ten in the dick,
(Its best to take dark glasses off when you're chatting-up Stez Styx)

'Do you fancy going halves on a bastard? Or buying us a couple of beers?'
'I'd rather sit on my finger, or go and have a cervical smear.'

Dick Head went to Soho, and paid for a sixty-nine, she said:
'Give us the beads up front, love, you'd better not waste my time.'
The whore had beans for dinner, and farted up his nose, he said:
'I'm not paying ackers out for sixty nine of those, but..

Do you fancy going halves on a bastard? Do you want another packet of crisps?
Or what about a bag of pork scratchings? Do you mind if I just weigh-up your tits?'

1987 The Macc Lads

N.B: "Soho" -an area of London said to frequented by trollops.
        "London"- a big town situated approximately 180 miles SE of Macc.