Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ   C G D C7

Summer time, piss was minging, turds were stinking, full of flies
Other times, foul and acrid, rank and rancid, pus and bile
Everything obscene in the Black Latrine

Dragonflies several species in the faeces and the mire
In the grime, arses dribble, maggots wriggle, sludge and slime
There's things you've never seen in the Black Latrine

And the termites patrol through the turds around the bowl,
Twenty years in quarantine for the Black Latrine

So unclean, piss turned solid, dank and squalid, stench is vile
Black Latrine, flies lay more eggs in the durex and the shite
No one's ever cleaned in the Black Latrine

Foreskin cheese, stinking slurry, pubes and curry, dysentry
Upto your knees, fermented urine, smells like you're in A Lavatory
A stench that stings your eyes and rots your teeth

Diarrhoea down the walls, slimy turds upon the floor,
There's no sign on the stall, sewage piled against the door
No one's ever cleaned in the Black Latrine

1997 The Macc Lads

N.B.- "Minging" (MED):  To smell so horrid that one feels the need to clean one's teeth.
The word stems from a Macclesfield Restaurant "The Ming Yin" :-
EG: "I dug up my dead granny last night. Eurgh! She was really ming yin."