Macc. English Dictionary


ƒ  G C D (mod)

Friend of mine got married a week last Saturday
Him and his wife moved out of Macc, they bought a house in Hale
At least we know now that we can still ring them
At least is isn't altering them (Altrincham)
But give me Macclesfield any bloody day

I love Macclesfield, the gravy and the chips
I love Macclesfield, the crack's got bigger tits
Bear's Head, Nags Head, Flower Pot, George & Dragon, Queen's,
Red Lion, White Lion, Chestergate, Pack Horse and Waters Green

If I had to move away, I'd be back in a couple of days or I'd die

I love Macclesfield, where they wear flat caps,
I love Macclesfield, we've got no Southern twats
Bull's Head, King's Head, Durham Ox, George and Fool's Nook
Millstone, Oxford, Highwayman, Cock and Puss in Boots

I love Macclesfield, decent pints of bitter
I love Macclesfield, all the crack's much fitter
I love Macclesfield, the Cut and Jodrell Bank
I love Macclesfield, its a great place for a walk
I love Macclesfield, ooh bi do bi doo
I love Macclesfield and Macclesfield loves you

1984 The Macc Lads

N.B.-'The Cut' - Macclesfield Canal, which, in the good old days, was full of prams, johnny bags and dead dogs.
                             Now, sadly, full of fish, ducks, swans etc.
N.B.-‘Hale’- a suburb of Altrincham (pronounced ‘Altringum’), a suburb of Manchester.